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Miraculous Nutrition Buckwheat: Low Fat, High Protein!


Recently, high-protein protein buckwheat is very useful nutrients. Here are 10 healthy reasons to eat buckwheat …

Buckwheat has recently become a very popular food. The buckwheat, also known as Grechka, includes the sorrel family. Starting to take place on the list of those who have high fiber content, the buckwheat started to attract everyone’s attention with its gluten-free, protective against cancer, low fat content and high protein content. Here are 10 reasons why you should eat buck wheat …

Rich protein source

The protein value of buckwheat is quite high. One of the foods you can eat instead of meat buckwheat, at the same time the rate of fiber is very easy to digest because it is very high. Thus, digestive diseases are good.

buckwheat benefits
buck wheat benefits

Buckwheat is Gluten free

Gluten-free food is very valuable to be buck wheat. It is important to consume gluten-free foods especially for celiac patients.

Cholesterol lowering

It has a cholesterol-lowering effect thanks to the routine in buck wheat. Heart-friendly buck wheat also reduces the risk of hypertension in regular use.

Can control blood sugar

Buck wheat is among the foods with low glycemic index. The blood sugar level is gradually lowered and controlled.

what is buckwheat
what is buck wheat

Cancer protection

Thanks to its components and antioxidants, it also acts as a protective against colon cancer and breast cancer.

Effective in reducing high blood pressure

The rate of potassium in the buck wheat is quite high, balancing blood pressure.

buckwheat dishes
Buck wheat Dishes

Useful against anemia

Magnesium, iron, phosphorus and potassium are very rich in buck wheat, good for anemia.

Help to lose weight

Buck wheat is known for its low fat content. Thanks to the high fiber contained in it for a long time keeps. You can easily lose weight in soups, salads and meals.

buck wheat

Skin and hair useful

Thanks to B1, B3, B5 and B9 vitamins in the buckwheat, it provides healthy skin and strong hair. It prevents wrinkles due to its routine substance. Keratin is the main component of nails and hair. Buck wheat contains the amino acids necessary for keratin production. Makes hair easy to grow.

Has a preventive effect against liver lubrication

Buck wheat is a complete liver friendly thanks to its choline component. Thus, it helps to reduce fatty liver.

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