Men’s favorite women’s perfumes

Men's favorite women's fragrances

When choosing perfumes for women, they act according to their tastes. However, the likes of the opposite sex perfumes are also very important. For these reasons, when the perfume is evaluated for women’s perfume suggestions, the men’s favorite perfumes are at the top of the list. For women, the perfume proposal should therefore be one of the most popular, trendy smells of the opposite sex.


Burberry Weekend is one of the most preferred women’s perfumes. Because it is one of the most liked perfumes for men. First of all it gives a sense of smell. It is also a vibrant and floral fragrance filled with vitality. You will feel the fragrance of tangerine and greenery in the perfume. Another characteristic of this special fragrance, which includes the natural fragrance of wild rose and peach flower, is the musk fragrances of sandalwood and cedar trees. This is why women’s perfume is in an important place in the list of recommendations


Here’s another perfect perfume. In addition to the scent of the berries of blackberry and bergamot, which are spread at the top points, it has succeeded to be an attractive fragrance with the scents of orange flowers it gives in the middle points. At the lower points, this special perfume makes sandalwood and patchouli fragrance formula effective. It is the most used and has been among the men’s favorite women’s perfumes.


This fragrance is quite feminine. As a seductive and mysterious fragrance, it is among the perfumes that men like the most. The tobacco leaves, especially the hyacinth, iris root, bergamot and cardamom, offer a special experience with cinnamon scents. She certainly deserves to be among the most favorite female perfumes for both men and women.


For women, the fragrance feminine features of this fragrance, which are listed on the recommendation list, are the perfumes of the mysterious but courageous women. Therefore, it is one of the leading perfumes that attract men’s attention. Let’s say that there are lily, vanilla, jasmine and almonds in the formula that makes such a feminine perfume. The perfume with these special notes puts the feminine impulses and features to the forefront. Thanks to its effective formula, it is the perfume that men like the most and thanks to the fragrances it emits, it is also hypnotized. It is included in the list as a perfume that men will not forget and leave their mark on their noses.


If we say that it is one of the sensual and also noble smells, Tom Ford Black Orchid will appear. Combining fresh bergamot fragrances with special formulas, this seductive fragrance is a very sensual fragrance. In this way, the attention of men attracts a lot of attention. Combining the fragrances of flowers as well as fruit fragrances, this special perfume is one of the noble scents that men love.


Miss Dior Cherie, whose fragrance proposal list for women is among her favorite men’s fragrances, is a scent of adventurous women who live the mobility of life thanks to their different formula. It is indisputable how much happiness women bring men to enjoy with this perfume. Green mandarin with strawberry marmalade and fresh patchouli-containing scent has succeeded to be indispensable for young and soul-alive women.


Facing the fragrances of women’s perfume is the oriental fragrance. With its golden bottle, it also adds a rich and majestic, glamorous air. In her formula, notes of tangerine, leather and patchouli attract men.


Lolita Lempica Feminine is undoubtedly one of the must-see smells on the list. This special fragrance, which is always on the list among the romantic fragrances, contains very sensual and active scents from cherry to vanilla.

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