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Healthy tips for healthy hair

healthy hair tips
Healthy tips for healthy hair
Healthy hair

Wash your healthy hair beautifully

Washing hair is more important than we thought. Contrary to popular belief, washing the healthy hair frequently does not weaken the hair, on the contrary it strengthens it. The scalp is woven with active glands. Few and most of the oils produced from these glands are also damaged. If you have oily hair, you should wash it daily, but if you have low-fat or dry hair, you can wash it every other day. The main cause of rupture and dandruff are residues from hair care products such as jelly and foam. Hair follicles are clogged by dust and oil. Therefore, make sure that your scalp is always clean. If the hair follicles become clogged with dirt, the hair strands become weaker, the breakage increases and your hair looks dull. Do not use vaseline products and cholesterol-containing shampoos. The gel, foam and sprays used for styling the hair often contain alcohol. Drying the hair will cause fractures, should not be used more. When used in a nice wash hair, is among the measures to be taken.

Benefits for Healthy hair
Healthy hair tips

Hot water will damage your healthy hair

The excess of the oil produced in the scalp is bad, but our scalp and hair need this oil. If you eliminate this oil completely, you will have very broken, dry and dull looking hair. If you wash with very hot water, this oil in the scalp will completely disappear. It may not hurt to wash with hot water every 15 days, but if you shampoo your hair with hot water 2-3 times a week, your hair will dry after a while. Another advantage of cold water compared to hot water is that it improves blood circulation in the scalp and gives vitality. As the amount of blood in the scalp increases, the amount of oxygen to the cells in the hair follicle increases. The more oxygen for hair, the better.

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Use your mother’s methods to styling hair

Drying and styling your hair with the latest technological tools can also make you bald. Do not be your hair when you say I will be beautiful, do not use that tool unnecessarily. Remember, you are very beautiful in messy. Blow dryers, straighteners, tongs; As it shapes the hair with hot air, it will cause excessive drying of the hair and increase the fractures.

Of course, while staying away from hot machines to dry hair, this time wrapped in towels and wet hair quickly, hard to dry is one of the damage can be given to them. During this fast and intense drying process, your hair that has broken and lost its strength should not dry naturally or dry with a machine that is not too hot.

Instead of using tongs for your hair, use your mother’s method, the curler. Keep in mind the fact that older women know something! Don’t straighten your hair every day, let them sometimes get messy so they can stay in your head. It is best not to dye the hair, but if you say it is not possible, at least prefer dyes that are close to their natural color.

Vinegar and Carbonat for healthy hair
Vinegar and Carbonat for healthy hair

Vinegar and carbonate care for your hair

There are 2 things we can offer you; at least once a week 2-3 liters of water to add 1 cup of vinegar, shampoo after rinsing with this water. Vinegar smells when the hair is wet, but there is no smell when the hair dries. If you have a very sensitive nose, first wash with vinegar, wait 5 minutes, then shampoo.

The second suggestion is carbonate. In the morning to relax my stomach in a glass of warm water I drink and put a teaspoon of carbonate, 2 liters of water in the form of three tablespoons mixing in my hair. Carbonate balances the pH of the scalp while removing residues in the hair and scalp, and provides protection against skin diseases that damage the hair.

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