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Benefits of herbal teas

herbal teas
herbal teas

Marmara University Faculty of Health Sciences, Head of Nutrition and Dietetics Department. Dr. Funda Elmacıoğlu said that the proper use of herbal teas, which are mainly consumed for weight loss purposes, is important.

Elmacıoğlu stated that herbal teas is often consumed with the understanding that is it is herbicidal, there is no harm aktan and said, “We play with our health with ear stuffing information. It is herbicidal, the logic of no harm is absolutely wrong. Drinking three cups of herbal tea a day is useful for health, but it is necessary not to consume too much and to observe some rules in preparation. For some plants, even the brewing time is important. Sometimes it brings more harm than good.

In order to help lose weight in the market, many plants are sold under the name “tea” Elmacıoğlu attracted attention, the purpose of the sale of some herbal slimming tea more intense entrainment of the operator, urine output and contributes to the development of sweating said that contribute to.

Professor Dr. Elmacıoğlu emphasized that herbal teas are consumed with liquids and this is an accelerating effect of metabolism. For a long time, cervical otitis can cause problems such as muscle weakness, tetany, anemia, fatty stool, gastrointestinal bleeding, dizziness, palpitations, pancreatic dysfunction. Antioxidant substances such as flavonoids in herbal teas may have some benefits, and some herbal teas may accelerate metabolism, but it should be noted that herbal teas may cause harmful effects when over-consumed. Unconscious consumption should be avoided. “

Some herbal teas

Linden Tea, Ginger Tea, Chamomile Tea, Rosehip Tea, Echinacea Tea, Sage

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