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7 Ways to preserve the shine of your tan

7 Ways to preserve the shine of your tan

7 Ways to preserve the shine of your tan

One of the most beautiful sides in the summer when the skin is shining brightly shining skin! But if you know how to protect the holiday tan in the city …

Due to the renewal of the cells, the tan, which is caused by the sun’s rays to activate the pigments in the upper layer of your skin, normally fades within six to 10 days, and our skin turns to its old color. However, following Foreo’s advice, it is possible to keep your holiday tan for a long time and continue to shine when you return to the city.

  • Free your face from dead cells

Long parties on holiday, sand and UVA / UVB rays may have damaged your skin; exfoliate Foreo Luna 2, with 8 thousand vibrations per minute, removes dead cells from the skin while supporting the micro blood circulation in the skin. Thus, while the traces of the side effects of the holiday is deleted effortlessly from your face, you can enjoy a refreshed and bright skin.

  • Exfoliate your body

Of course not to forget the body! While peeling into a tanned body is unusual for many people, it is very useful to apply. Yes, peeling will cause skin to regenerate (in adults, the skin is refreshed on average every month), which will cause your skin to fade slightly faster, so your entire body will change color in a proportionate way. Probably nobody wants a darker and stained skin.

  • Remember to moisturize your skin.

Everybody knows how important it is to moisten the skin from head to toe. And, of course, a moist skin can keep its tan longer. Because we lost our tan right on our face, we need to take special care to the face. A high-quality moisturizer and LUNA 2, which enhances the skin’s absorbency, will be one of your most important helpers to keep your skin glow for a long time.

  • Use Tanning

You can also get help from a tanner to get a relaxed and healthy skin. The secret is; to the place where the sun first hits the bronzer, not all over your face; to the forehead, temples, nose and cheekbones to drive.

  • Don’t miss beta-carotene from the refrigerator

Consuming foods rich in beta-carotene (a kind of orange-red pigment) will color your skin. The menu is rich! From sweet potato to apricot, from mangole to carrot, there are many fruits and vegetables with beta-carotene. These foods are both healthy and low-calorie and your skin is shining, what more do you get!

  • For plenty of water

Even though we are slowly approaching the last days of summer, do not stop consuming as much water as you drink on the hottest days. Drinking plenty of water, including those tanned in the upper layer, prolongs the life of the cells and makes the skin look more tense and smooth. Foods such as melons, watermelons and cucumbers also contribute to the beauty of your skin because they contain high amounts of water.

  • Take the whites

Finally, a small reminder: white clothing creates a contrast to make your skin look darker. Finish with a tulle white shirt or a light t-shirt with a little tanner and a red lipstick. Here is the best combination of summer!

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